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19 must-see TV Series in French [January 2024]

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The winter is upon us, and so is lazyness. No one wants to face the biting cold outside, so why not spend the winter season indoors watching some TV series…in French ? You’ll feel less guilty (« Can’t go out, I’m seriously studying French, guys! » is your next-best excuse to stay in).

Depending on where you are, these series might be available on your favourite (legal) streaming platform or at your local library.

The Already Classic TV series

  1. Call My Agent! (Original title: Dix pour cent) – A comedy about the lives of talent agents in Paris. Trailer
  2. Lupin – A modern-day take on the classic Arsene Lupin stories. This popular French series follows the adventures of Assane Diop, a gentleman thief inspired by the character of Arsène Lupin. Assane uses his intelligence and skills to seek revenge for the injustice that befell his family. Trailer
  3. « Spiral » (original title: « Engrenages ») – Set in the gritty world of the French justice system, this crime drama series follows a group of police officers, lawyers, and judges as they tackle high-profile cases and navigate corruption and personal struggles. Trailer

The Costume Dramas

  1. « A French Village » (original title: « Un village français ») – Set during World War II, this historical drama series explores the lives of the residents of a fictional French village under German occupation, depicting the complexities of collaboration, resistance, and survival. Trailer
  2. « Le Bazar de la Charité » (The Bonfire of Destiny): Inspired by a real event, this historical drama series is set in Paris in 1897, where a tragic fire during a charity sale disrupts the lives of three women. « Le Bazar de la Charité » explores the intertwined destinies of these women in a captivating historical context. Trailer
  3. « La Révolution » (The Revolution): This dramatic and historical series reimagines the French Revolution by adding supernatural elements. In a Paris plagued by mysterious epidemics, conspiracies, and murders, a young woman finds herself at the heart of a rebellion that could change the nation’s destiny. Trailer

The Comedies

  1. A Very Secret Service (Au service de la France) – A comedy about a French intelligence agency in the 1960s. Trailer
  2. Family Business – A comedy about a family that starts a cannabis business. Trailer
  3. « Plan Coeur » (The Hook Up Plan): This French romantic comedy tells the story of three friends trying to find love in Paris. With lovable characters and comedic situations, this series offers a dose of humor and romance. Trailer
  4. Happily Married (C’est comme ça que je t’aime): a Quebecois series set in the 1970s, exploring the lives of two couples amid societal changes. Blending humor and drama, it offers a nostalgic look at relationships during Quebec’s Quiet Revolution, depicting love, friendship, and the era’s cultural backdrop. Trailer
  5. Parlement: a French comedy series revolving around a young European Parliament intern, Sam, navigating bureaucratic chaos and cultural clashes. With humor and satire, it offers insights into EU politics while exploring Sam’s experiences and the absurdities within the European legislative landscape. Trailer

The Spy/ Political thrillers

  1. The Bureau (Le bureau des légendes) – A spy thriller about a French intelligence agent who works undercover. Trailer
  2. Marseille – A political drama about a corrupt mayor of Marseille who is running for re-election. Trailer
  3. Totems – A spy thriller set in the Cold War about a group of agents who use psychic powers to fight the Russians. Trailer

The Mystery Thrillers

  1. The Forest (La forêt) – A mystery thriller about a group of friends who go missing in a forest. Trailer
  2. Sous emprise – A thriller about a couple who go scuba diving in the Mediterranean Sea and encounter a mysterious creature. Trailer
  3. The Returned (Original Title: Les revenants) – A supernatural drama about a group of people who return from the dead. Trailer
  4. « Marianne »: This French horror series follows writer Emma Larsimon as she is confronted with supernatural events linked to her own novel. « Marianne » is a mix of horror, suspense, and mystery that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Trailer
  5. Black Spot (Zone Blanche) – A crime drama set in a small town in the French Pyrenees. Trailer

Have you watched any of these series ? Was it enjoyable, easy to understand ?

Please comment if you have any good recommendations of TV series in French !

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