Exam-Day Check-list: 5 Tips to Avoid Exam Stress!

The big day has arrived! Taking exams can be stressful, so it’s better to be well-prepared and avoid unnecessary stress. In this article, you will find a check-list to help you prepare for the exam day.

Follow these tips to be at your best on exam day!

Tip #1: Pack your bag the night before

To avoid forgetting anything important , prepare your bag the night before the exam. Make sure you have your identification document, exam admission ticket, pens (remember that using pencils is prohibited), a ruler for clean erasing, a watch, a water bottle, tissues, your usual headache or stomachache medication, and a convenient snack. You’ll find a check-list at the end of the blog post to help you!

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Tip #2: Know the way to the exam center and arrive early

To prevent any stress related to finding the exam center, make sure you know the route in advance. Plan to arrive early, as latecomers are generally not allowed.

Tip #3: Review your notes and the professor’s recommendations

The day before the exam, take the time to review your notes and the teacher’s recommendations given during preparation. This will help you avoid repeating common mistakes and feel more prepared for the test.

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Tip #4: Breathe deeply during the exam

Remember that your brain needs oxygen to function well. If you get stuck on a question or feel anxious during the oral exam, take a deep breath. It will help you refocus and regain your composure.

Tip #5: Get enough sleep the night before the exam

Sleep plays a crucial role in our ability to speak a foreign language. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep before the exam. If the exam center is far away, consider staying at a friend’s place or booking a hotel room nearby.

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Better safe than sorry!

The key to success lies in proper preparation. Follow this check-list, breathe deeply, get enough sleep, and trust in your efforts. You are ready to take on this challenge and obtain your DELF/DALF! Don’t hesitate to prepare for the exam with a teacher to maximize your chances of success. Merde !*

*(In France, saying « Good Luck! » is considered bad luck, so people say « merde! » to someone taking an exam, and most importantly, they should not say « thank you »… Ah, superstitions!)

Reminder of things to bring to the DELF/DALF/TCF exam

✅ Identification document (passport, ID card)

✅ Exam admission ticket 

✅ Black / blue pens (using pencils is prohibited) 

✅ Highlighters or markers to emphasize information on your draft 

✅ Ruler for clean erasing 

✅ A watch (as silent as possible, so you won’t bother other students)

✅ Earplugs (in case other candidates have a noisy watch :), noisy chewing habits..

✅ Water bottle 

✅ Tissues 

✅ Usual headache/stomach ache medication 

✅ Convenient snack (not the smudging or smelly type) : no need to pack a full 3-course lunch. Cereal bars are perfect !

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