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Get the knowledge and confidence you need to pass your French exams. 

French Exams Expert

I’m Noé and I’m from Rouen, the capital of Normandy, France. 


As a certified examiner for DELF/DALF and TCF exams, I love helping my students pass their French exams, coaching them, reassuring them, and enabling them to bring out the best in themselves to achieve their goals, be it immigration, university, or professional objectives.

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My vision

Passionate about sports performance, I see exam preparation like a competition preparation. No one prepares for a race or a game the day before. The same goes for French exams. 

The key ingredients ? Knowledge, practice, and confidence. You’ll find all three in a preparation lesson with me!




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Roger Federer Fan

And sports in general, with a particuliar fondness for football. I obviously cheer for France. And Switzerland, whenever Roger was on the roster. 

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Language Nerd

No wonder why I became a Language Teacher. I am fluent in French, English and Spanish. Used to be intermediate in Swedish. Beginner in German and Japanese

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Traveler at heart

I’ve lived in 6 countries (France, Switzerland, Finland, Japan, Ecuador, Canada) and visited over 40. It’s a small world but one life won’t be enough to see it all

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Queen of Tarts

As a real Foodie, I am a certified Pastry-chef. I worked as one in Japan and I loved it. My favourite dessert? Tarts and pies, especially raspberry pie.

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What My Students and Coachees Say​

I helped them achieve their goals and I am proud of it. 

Leena, Finland – DELF A2 – Passed

Jae, South Korea 

DALF C1 – Passed

Johanna, Germany

TCF Coaching Session

Ruth, Ireland

DELF A2 – Passed

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