99% of Candidates Make These DELF/DALF Preparation Mistakes (4 Fatal Errors Leading to Failure)

Every year, thousands of candidates prepare for the DELF exam, but many make easily avoidable fatal errors. Passing the DELF exam is not an impossible task, it « just » takes preparation (like everything is life…).

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Here are the most common mistakes when preparing for the DELF exam:

Error #1 👉 Not Knowing the Exam Format.

An athlete preparing for the Olympics knows the event inside out: duration, objectives, point allocation criteria, allowed or prohibited movements. Understanding the exam’s question types and expectations is already gaining some points!

Error #2👉 Poorly Preparing for Reading Comprehension (or hardly at all!)

Often perceived as easier, many candidates prepare for this test just before the exam. However, preparing well in advance using books or dedicated websites helps acquire varied and precise vocabulary, aiding progress in other sections!

Error #3 👉 Neglecting Grammar Review

Grammar is the language’s structure. Each level expects specific conjugations and grammatical structures. Using them correctly easily earns points.

Error #4 👉 Not Seeking Guidance from an Official DELF/DALF Examiner

Taking a course with a Francophone tutor isn’t enough. You need an official examiner familiar with the exams and expectations. They can provide constructive feedback and scoring insight.

Error #5 👉 Relying Solely on Exam Prep Manuals

Novels, songs, TV films, news articles, YouTube videos, online exercises are perfect for DELF/DALF preparation—with pleasure!

Wanting some ideas for browsing your favourite streaming platform? Here’s an article on 19 TV Shows in French you will love to watch !

Error #6 👉 Insufficient Preparation Time

Allow yourself ample time to progress and correct mistakes: 3 months is an absolute minimum, especially for B1, B2 levels. More time might be even needed for C1 & C2 DALF exams.

Error #7 👉 Inadequate Practice

Regularly practicing all 4 test sections is crucial for developing automatic responses on the big day and assessing progress.

These mistakes hinder you from reaching your goals. Prepare with confidence and give your best on the day of the exam.

Bonne préparation!

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