They passed.

What They Say About Me

They chose us to help them reach their goals and they passed their French Exams. 

Leena, Finland – DELF A2 – Passed

Johanna, Germany

TCF Coaching Session

Jae, South Korea 

DALF C1 – Passed

Eugene, Russia

DELF B2 – Passed

Tandy, USA

DELF B2 – Passed

Ruth, Ireland

DELF A2 – Passed

Are you ready to join them and pass your French Exam too ?
Start your preparation now.

Bonjour, I'm Noé.

I’m Noé and I’m from Rouen, the capital of Normandy, France. 

As a certified examiner for DELF/DALF and TCF examsI love helping my students pass their French exams, coaching them, reassuring them, and enabling them to bring out the best in themselves to achieve their goals, be it immigration purposes, academic excellence, or professional ambitions.


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